Hosta Catalog

MAbiqua Drinking GourdRound blue leaves are heavly puckered and deeply cupped. A hosta like no other. Originator stock.$14
SAlex SummersMajestic upright hosta is a sport of Gold Regal. Beautiful dark green leaves edged with a bright gold margin. Vase-shaped growth habit.$22
LAlvatine TaylorCorrugated leaves have a wide gold margin. A large fast growing hosta with excellent substance.$16
SAngel FeathersThis rapid grower has a 1/2" wide margin that is gold in spring, changing to creamy white by early summer.$15
MAristocratA cream margined sport of H. ‘Hadspen Blue’. Nice heart-shaped, smooth powder-blue leaves with a wide creamy-yellow margin.$15
LCadillacA gold center, heavy substance, and an excellent growth rate. The border is an irregular dark green.$25
MCascadesThis popular hosta forms an upright variegated mound with the end of each white-centered leaf cascading downward. A distinct William Lachman introduction.$25
SCherry BerryIt forms a fast growing white-centered dense mound with red in the scapes.$12
LDay's EndMajestic large variegated leaves, 15” long by 11” wide with a wide gold margin with a good growth rate. A sport of ‘Daybreak’.$14
MDream WeaverA “great” sport of ‘Great Expectations’. A better grower and even larger plant…just as attractive with a slightly smaller creamy maple leaf center.Out of Stock
MFantabulousDeep green leaves edged with a broad creamy-white margin. Leaves are slightly pointed and rippled. A spectacular new introduction.$18
MFire and IceA sport of Patriot with pure white centers and dark green margins. The leaves have very heavy substance and form a dense mound.$12
MFlame StitchA reverse sport of ventricosa Aureo-marginata. Slightly twisted leaves with dark green margins that streak into the white centerOut of Stock
MFragrant Bouquet1998 hosta of the year. One of Paul Aden’s best. Fast mounding light-green leaves with white margin.$14
MGalaxyA medium streaked hosta. Unstable, but a great breeder.Out of Stock
MGhost SpiritThis new hosta has a blue-green margin with a misted green and white center that changes to green by mid-summer(pure white in cool climates). Heart-shaped leaves and a fast growth rate.$28
MGin and TonicA chartreuse center and creamy gold to white margin. The plant is heavily corrugated and has good substance. A Kevin Vaughn introduction (‘William Lachman’ seedling) forming a semi-upright mound habit.$12
SGrand PrizeOut of Stock.
LGreat American ExpectationsA sport of Great Expectations which is said to be a better grower, and forms a larger mound than the parent. It also is a faster more uniform grower. Leaves should reach approximately 9”x10Out of Stock
LGrey GhostA sport of ‘Blue Angel’ which emerges nearly white, then changes to light yellow, and finally to blue-green.$22
LHooser HarmonyA sport of Royal Standard with leaves having a chartreuse center that is edged by a medium green margin. It has a fast growth rate and quickly forms a nice large mound.$12
SJoyce TrottThis popular plant has a white center with a dark green margin. A hybid of ‘Flamboyant’ X ‘Sum and Substance’.Out of Stock
SJuneA sport of Halcyon with a gold center and a powdered blue-green margin…heavy substance.$12
MKorean SnowThis nice hosta has early misted green and white leaves which eventually change to a shiny medium green. The leaves have smooth texture, good substance, and a fast growth rate.$22
MLakeside KaleidoscopeThe creamy white margin often streaks into the medium green center, slightly rippled margins.$12
MLakeside PremierThe creamy white margin often streaks into the medium green center, slightly rippled margins Medium to fast growth rate.$18
MLast DanceA beautiful sport of the gold version of Summer Music. The heart-shaped leaves have excellent substance with a dark green center surrounded by a wide yellow margin which streaks toward the center.$16
MLibertyA sport of Sagae with a very wide yellow margin with leaves having more substance than Sagae. A standout at the 2000 Hosta Convention.$18
MLoyalistThe deep green leaf margin shows off the bright white leaf center. Heavy substance.$12
MLucy VitolsRounded leaves have a dark blue-green center and a lighter edge.$18
SMedusaWavy yellow leaves edged with a green margin.$12
MMorning LightA beautiful reverse variegation of 'Twilight'. Green margins with golden-yellow centers and heavy substance.$15
LMount TomIntense blue leaves margined by a wide creamy margin. An Eleanor Lachman introduction.$22
LNight Before ChristmasA fast growing dramatic hosta that has a wide white center that is boardered in dark green. Leaves up to 12" long.$14
MObsessionGreen leaves that are margined with an unusually darker jagged green margin. A sport of ‘Sparkling Burgundy’.$12
MOn StageOne of the very best. Large vigorous grower...takes sun. Bright yellow variegated leaves with enough sun.$12
SPandora’s BoxA sport of Baby Bunting having green streaking between bluish margins and white center…popular.$14.00
MParadise PowerLong pointed variegated leaves. Good growth rate. A sport of Sun Power.$12
VLParhelionA sport of Sum and Substance with huge, chartreuse-gold leaves surrounded by a narrow cream margin. Very heavy subsance and fast grower.$30
MPaul’s GloryChartreuse centers change to bright gold with blue-green margins. Thick substance and a rapid grower.Out of Stock
MPaul RevereA white-centered sport out of the true form of ‘Patriot’. A dramatic plant and rapid grower.$18
SPilgrimThe margins are yellow early in the season and turn creamy white by early summer contrasting the medium green center.. Plants have a fast growth rate and form a low, dense mound. A seedling of ‘Flamboyant.’$12
MQueen JosephineMagnificent glossy foliage forms a dense mound. Dark green, heart-shaped leaves have a thick yellow margin.$12
SRemember MeFrom the hosta June, it has bright creamy center that is framed by a blue-green margin. Brightens dark areas. Good substance and good growth rate.$22
LSatisfactionA sport of Piedmont Gold with dark green leaves...very wide gold margins.$22
LSilk KimonoDark green leaves margined with a white edge, rippled down the length of the leaf.Out of Stock
MSpilt MilkThick heart-shaped leaves that are cupped and puckered. The blue-green foliage is unusually streaked and misted.Out of Stock
LStained GlassA sport of Guacamole. Rapid growth with a mounding form. It displays the leaf variegation earlier than Guacamole and maintains a brighter gold color. Produces large fragrant flowers. A beautiful, vigorous hosta.$18
MSummer BreezeA sport of ‘Summer Music’ with very very wide gold margins surrounding a green center. Good grower.$16
STattooThis sport of Little Aurora has bright gold leaves, each with the green outline of a maple leaf pattern in the center.$25
LTitanicA very wide gold margined sport of ‘Sum and Substance’.$22
LThunderboltA unique sport of H. sieboldiana Elegans. Thick rubbery blue leaves with a jagged gold center, which turns creamy-white later in the summer.$22
MWolverineWide cream colored margins with a blue-green center. Lance shaped leaves.$10
MWylde Green CreamThe hosta has dark green margin surrounding a bright gold center. A sport of ‘Vanilla Cream’. Forms a beautiful dense mound.$20