New Arrival

MAlleghan FogShiny deep green boarder with a speckled green and white center.Out of Stock
MAmerican SweetheartA tetraploid of Sea Thunder having very thick leaves held upright…a white center with wide green margins.$20
MBanana BoatBlue-green leaves with a banana yellow center. Edges curl up to give leaf a boat shape.Out of Stock
MCaptain KirkA sport of Gold Standard with heavier substance. Gold center with dark green margin…fast growing.$16
MCenter of AttentionHeart-shaped leaves that have a creamy white center…margins are two shades of green that can streak into the center...excellent substance.$18
VLChinese DragonA large gold-centered form of Komodo Dragon. Spectacular as either a specimen planting or in groups of three to five.Out of Stock
LChristmas PageantA sport of Christmas Tree, which has heavier substance and a very wide white margin. Vigorous grower. Much superior to the original.$24
LClimaxA sport of High Noon that has thick corrugated dark green leaves that are edged in a bright green border…upright habit…lavender flowers.Out of Stock
MCutting EdgeRuffled blue-green leaves arched and folded to show their white undersides. A cross of Salute and Pycomphylla.Out of Stock
MDance With MeA sport of Summer Music with yellow heart-shaped leaves and a dark green margin. Heavy substanced leaves show the reverse coloration of Last Dance.$18
LDick WardA beautiful and enduring sport of Zounds having bright gold leaves that are bordered in dark green. When mature, leaves have some puckering.Out of Stock
MDust DevilA reversed sport of Whirlwind with a dark green center and wide creamy white margins that start out chartreuse. Mature leaves are 9” long and 7” wide.Out of Stock
VLEagles NestA new sport of Sum and Substance, probably a tetraploid. Light green with a wide gold border, slightly cupped leaves that have very heavy substance.Out of stock
VLEarth AngelThe long-awaited variegated form of Blue Angel. Very large leaves with a creamy-white irregular border. Destined to be a classic.$26
MEternal FlameA sport of whirlwind with a similar leaf pattern, but holds its center variegation much better.$14
MFlash of LightA white-centered sport of H. Patriot. It looks similar to Fire and Ice but a more vigorous grower.Out of Stock
LGalaxyA green, cream, and white streaked breeder. Somewhat unstable but reliable for breeding.Out of Stock
MGypsy RoseA sport of H. Strip Tease which is, however, more attractive than Strip Tease. It has a creamy gold center rather than an off white center. Gypsy Rose makes a somewhat smaller plant than Strip Tease, but is more vigorousheld for increase
MHeart's tongueA very unusual hosta with a new shape...reminiscent of the Heart's tongue fern.Out of Stock
MJewel of the NileThe heart- shaped, thickly substanced leaves have an irregular gold margin. Forms a large mound.$25
MLakeside MomA very stable streaked breeder. Beautiful in its own right, even if not used for breeding purposesOut of Stock
LMississippi DeltaLarge blue-gray leaves held horizontally.Out of Stock
MMoonstruckLong narrow white leaves, edged in blue, have the reverse pattern of Hosta Dress Blues. Excellent growth rate and substance.Out of Stock
LMr. BigA huge, popular blue with massive leaves and heavy substance.Out of Stock
LOrange MarmaladeA new sport of Paul's Glory that has some orange highlights. Excellent growth rate, heavy substanced with bright leaves. Like Paul's Glory, destined to be a classic.Out of Stock
LPraying HandsAn unusual hosta with narrow upright green leaves with a white margin. Each leaf is folded and rolled up almost into a tube shape, to displaying the veins on the back of the leaf.$24
SRainforest SunriseA variegated Maui Buttercups. A better grower than Maui with the same heavy substance.Out of Stock
SRemember MeLeaves have abright creamy center edged with a blue-green margin. Heart-shaped leaves are 6 inches long X 4 inches wide...about a 30" spread$20
MRevolutionA sport of H. Loyalist with cream centered leaves with green speckling, bordered in dark green. Leaves have extra heavy substance...probably a tetraploid.$12
MRisky BusinessA narrow white-centered form of H. Striptease that like its parent has a rapid growth rate. Excellent contrast between the center and the dark green margins.Out of Stock
MRoyal FlushMedium gold leaves with an olive-green center.Out of Stock
LSeventh HeavenA beautiful streaked breeder. UnstableOut of Stock
MSt. PaulA beautiful sport of Paul’s Glory having thick gold heart-shaped leaves that are bordered by wide blue-green margins$16
MStarboard LightThe oval shaped leave are a dark yellow and are slightly folded...excellent substance$12
LSum of AllA sport of Sum and Substance with very wide gold margins (1/2” – 1”)…makes a huge showy mound. Leaves held orizontally.$18
LSweet Home ChicagoA sport of H. Birchwood Parky's Gold with a gold center and a 1/2" wide dark green boarder. A distinct hosta and vigorous grower.$12
LSwirlsA sport of H. Geisha with extremely gold and white streaked leaves in spring in summer, gradually changing over to a misted type streaks in the fall. Forms a dense medium-sized clump. Leaves have excellent substance.$28.00
MTouch of ClassA tetraploid of June with intense blue leaves and a gold flame in the center of the leaf. Leaves have very thick substance.$20
MUltramarineAn intense brilliant blue.$14
VLWhite AngelA white-centered Blue Angel that holds its color until late in the season.Out of Stock
VLWinter SnowA huge wide white-edged sport of Sum and Substance…vigorous grower.Out of Stock